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21 August SUN : 8:30 at Brussels Central Station
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Japanese Culture
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Corona crises started in the beginning of 2020, rampaged around the world through the whole year and seems not yet reduce its violent power.
It caused fatal damages to human beings as victims and also to our society: huge number of dead and sufferers of the diseases, damage to our human relationship because of the prohibit of physical contact, of keeping distance and of the crack between generations. We were obliged to change our life style to appropriate these protection policies and maybe our view of life too.
Despite of these negative atmosphere, some volunteers have founded NPO Japanese Culture WA.

Conversation Table

Language is an important part of our culture. But Japanese language.... oh my god... it's so difficult to learn!

Even you learn the basics, it's also difficult to parctice in Belgium.

For those brave learners, we are happy to offer opportunities to speak in the relaxed atmosphere with native Japanese speakers as volunteers.

The focus is more on speaking and communicating than correcting mistakes all the time.

So, just relax and let the conversation flow.

You can make new friends around the table!

How to participate?

You can just come and join the table on the day of our activities.

If you don't want to miss any chance, it's highly recommended to subscribe to our mailing list. (bottom of this page)

Sometimes, our messages are directed to "junk mail box". Please save it from the bin and tell your mailing software that we are safe.

You are always welcome even if you don't know much about Japanese language. But a lot of passion is required to enjoy more!


"Kamishibai" (紙芝居/かみしばい) is a style of Japanese paper theatre.
The narrator shows picture panels and tell the stories to the audience of children.

Kamishibai Study Group in Belgium
organized by Japanese Culture WA

Method :
    - Perform the Kamishibai ( paper theatre ) in three languages : ( Japanese,  French and Dutch ).

Purposes :
    - Participants will improve the capacity of language and expression.
    - They will improve the communication capacity with spectators.
    - We will promote the Kamishibai’s culture to the public.
    - We will know more stories of foreign countries.






A cooking video from our past event

Maki Zushi


Meet and Create together with Japanese people

Event Schedules

21 Aug
Minako Minako

Arboretum Botanical Garden in Kalmthout (Antwerp)

INFO : In 1830, Philipp Franz Balthasar von Siebold, the German doctor of medicine and natural history, visited Japan and came back with many Japanese objects to Europe.

Arboretum Kalmthout (near Antwerp) has some Japanese plants of von Siebold.

We will have a guide (English language) and a local Japanese volunteer in the botanical garden.


Date : August 21st, whole day

Destination :Arboretum Kalmthout ( botanical garden near Antwerp )

Address : Heuven 8, 2920 Kalmthout. Tel 03 666 6741
Google MAP

Fees : Train tickets + 7 EUR (entry)

Lunch: Bring your food for picnic

Reservation required : info@jcwa.eu

Contact: 0477 36 55 30 (Minako)

LINK : https://www.arboretumkalmthout.be/en.html

Detail of program:

8:30. Meeting in Central Station in Brussels, in front of ticket counter.
( buy yourself go-return ticket Brussels-Kalmthout )

8:49. Departure from Brussels Central Station

10:23 arrival to Kalmthout Station
5 min. walk to Botanical Garden

10:40. Meeting with those who come by car or from other town by train.
In front of Botanical Garden building.

11:00. Departure to the tour in the garden with an English speaking guide. (90min)

12:30. Picnic, each participant brings their own lunch box.
( the coffee shop is closed on Sundays )

Ms Masako Honda, orgel player and volunteer in the Garden will explain about her
Professional activities as organ player and work in the Garden as volunteer. 

Conversation table, theme “ plants and trees “

From 14:00. free

Those who wish to go back in group, we propose to meet at the station.
(Departure from Kalmthout 14:36, 15:36, 16:36 duration to Brussels : 90 min.
Time schedule of train may change sometime, please be careful by yourself )


月例Open Event ご案内
Japanese Culture WA 主催


日時  2022年 8月 21日 (日) 終日

目的地 Arboretum Kalmthout ( アントワープ近郊の植物園)

住所  Heuvel 8, 2920 Kalmthout tel 03 666 6741
Google MAP



8 :30 集合 : ブラッセル中央駅、チケット売り場の前 
(Kalmthout 行き往復チケットは各自で購入してください。)

8 :49 中央駅発― 10 :23. Kalmthout 駅着 植物園まで徒歩5分

10 :40. 現地集合 ( 車で来る人、ブラッセル以外の場所から電車に乗る人は植物園の

11 :00. 園内散策 : 英語のガイドが日本の植物を中心に案内します。(90分)

12 :30. 各自持参の弁当(カフェテリアで軽食を買うこともできます)を食べながら、オルガニスト本田雅子さんのお話を聞きます。仕事の話。植物園でのボランティアの仕事など。
    会話テーブルのテーマ 『植物』

14 :00 以降 自由行動
(電車の出発時間 14 :36, 15 :36, 16 :36 ブリュッセルまでの所要時間90分)

参加費用 園内入場料 (約7eur)前払いは不要です。

問い合わせ/ 申し込み  :  info@jcwa.eu 0477365530

本田雅子 オルガニスト

Masako Honda, organ player 
As professional organ player, she plays in Churches and in Concerts. She helps also daily works in Arboretum Kalmthout.




Philipp Franz von Siebold ( 1796-1866 )

German physician, botanist and traveler.

He achieved prominence by his studies of Japanese flora and fauna. He introduced Western medicine in Japan.  Father of Kusumoto Ine, first female Japanese Doctor educated in Western medicine.


8:30 AM at Central Station Brussels - 14:00 PM at the garden Arboretum Botanical Garden in Kalmthout
04 Sep
Hiro Hiro

Conversation Table

The next edition of conversation table will be on 4th September.

We will be at Bistro Op-Weule

Date :   4th September 2022 ( SUN )
Place :   Bistro Op-Weule
Address : Rue Saint Lambert 95,  1200 Woluwe-Saint-Lambert 
(tram/metro station Roodebeek) location Google-Map

Time : 14:00- 16:00 

Japanese language table conversation : free of charge (pay for your drink), no need to reserve.

We recommend that you understand the basic of language. If you need, we can have a separate table for beginners to talk slow and practice more. 

In September, we meet in the cafe space of Bistro Op-Weule. (not in the class room) Please pay your individual consumption for drinks.

See you soon after summer vacations!

14:00 PM - 16:00 PM Bistro Op-Weule : Rue Saint Lambert 95, 1200 Woluwe-Saint-Lambert
17 Sep
Minako Minako

Japan Matsuri Festival

Support Ukraine Charity Event with Japanese Communities


Stage : Concerts - Poetry Reading in Ukrainian - Kamishibai - Karate

Food : Japanese & Ukrainian

Bazar : Japanese goods and books

Culture : Calligraphy - Tea - Origami - Ikebana


Free entrance

10:30 AM - 16:30 PM Eglise Notre-Dame Stockel (Salle Pax)

People and Japanese Culture

forever in our heart

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For any questions and suggestions, please write us.

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